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Hi, I’m Aditi Surana

Award-winning high-performance coach. 
I can teach you productivity hacks for a growth mindset. 

Behavioural analyst | Podcaster | Actor

Get Productive with Aditi Surana

White Flowers

Growth Mindset Masterclass

This masterclass is designed for every aspiring high performer.

Join Aditi for a session that will change the way you look at everything - Growth Mindset. In this masterclass, you'll discover four specific tools meticulously curated from my high-performance coaching sessions.

Teen Ballet Dancer

Discovery session

The Discovery session is an in-depth, adventurous and insightful one on one session with Aditi.

Model in White

High Performance Coaching

This is a completely customised & personalised program backed with specialised tools to help you untether your full potential in all you do, so that you can reach your next level of success. Aditi will work one-on-one with you to break through your barriers and help you reach your highest potential & performance in all you do. So if you are ready for tools & hacks to  master your mind, and to be more productive & inspired every day of your life, this is for you.

Rave Reviews

Pratibha Patil.jpg

Smt. Pratibha Patil

“Her analysis about my personality was highly accurate and impressive”

John-Abraham-saavn (2) (1).jpg

John Abraham

“I still can’t believe she spoke all this just by looking into my handwriting.”

KV Kamath.jpg

K.V. Kamath

"Aditi's accuracy is 8/10"


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