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Hi, I’m Aditi Surana

An entrepreneur, podcaster, writer, art enthusiast & an unshakeable optimist dedicated to helping you become the person you most want to be.

I'm a Behavioural Analyst & High Performance Coach & founder of India's first mental gym, APT - by love & learning!



At the core of Aditi's work are Graphology & Intuition - tools that she has time and again found extremely useful to drill down to the real, often elusive issues. GraphoCoaching™ is a process developed by Aditi that combines elements of Graphology, Executive Coaching (Marshall Goldsmith), Psychometric Analysis (MBTI), Intuition and much more to create a strong base from where Aditi can create a desirable change for people of all ages. This process continues to evolve over the past 17 years & 15,000 handwriting samples, and you can experience it in a private session with Aditi to begin exploring avenues that can create the change you're looking for.

Our Modules

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Graphologically, our handwriting represents an honest portrayal of who we are; whereas signatures show our public image - what we want to portray to the outside world. Most of the time, these two personalities have many
differences and they often present a conflictual picture. Many people remain stuck in this gap and in their attempts of looking appealing to the outside world.


In a private session Aditi can get a visual snapshot of your mind blocks such as Low self esteem, fear of success, fear of rejection, depression, indecision and many more by looking at your signature and can then redesign a new signature to go past them.

Teen Ballet Dancer

High Performance Coaching

This is a completely customised & personalised program backed with specialised tools to help you untether your full potential in all you do, so that you can reach your next level of success. It is about stirring up your ambition to improve your life, right now.

Just like athletes need a coach to improve, you need a coach to help you learn new tools, review your actions, show you a better way and keep you on track.  Aditi will work one-on-one with you to break through your barriers and help you reach your highest potential & performance in all you do. So if you are ready for tools & hacks to  master your mind, and to be more productive & inspired every day of your life, this is for you.

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LogoGraphy® - 

Analysis & Design

Logos are subliminally very powerful communication tools. In an attempt to understand them better, lets look at  logos being the signature of your company. The signature of an individual is the public image that he / she wants to project to the outside world, very much the same with logos. I know from years of changing signatures & logos that altering someone’s public image in a purposeful way can often create very desirable results.

If you'd like to know more about LogoGraphy®, and more importantly what it can do for you, then please fill the form in the link or simply get in touch with us.

Rave Reviews

Pratibha Patil.jpg

Smt. Pratibha Patil

“Her analysis about my personality was highly accurate and impressive”

John-Abraham-saavn (2) (1).jpg

John Abraham

“I still can’t believe she spoke all this just by looking into my handwriting.”

KV Kamath.jpg

K.V. Kamath

"Aditi's accuracy is 8/10"


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