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Logo Analysis & Redesign

Scientifically designed logos to enhance the ‘graph’ of your organisation.

Logography®, a term coined by Aditi Surana implies the study & design of the growth ‘graph’ created in the logo. This is a unique application of research in  Graphology that studies factors like fonts, colours, symbols, and the space between all the elements. It allows an expert eye to decipher the hidden meaning, to understand the ‘persona’ of the organisation and then realign these elements to design an apt solution that can work as a vehicle of growth for your organisation.


In 2005, while doing an employee assessment project for 175 employees, Aditi noticed something intriguing. The assignment was focused on need analysis and training design, which required compilation of the most common strengths and mine blocks reported by the team. To Aditi’s amazement, there were stark correlations between the team report & the assessment of the logo. It could be my ‘confirmation bias’, she dismissed her observation.


In 2005, Aditi started her national radio show, on the topic of graphology, the same year when Aamir khan produced, ‘Mangal Pandey’.  Aditi was speaking with her co-host and made a comment in the passing about the logo of the movie.This movie is based on a half truth amongst other review points. Next week, some social organisations lodged police complaints against the production house stating the half truth point. The radio channel added movie logo analysis as a part of Aditi's radio show.This led to two things - added entertainment value & many listeners sending their company logos for review.




A company Logo can be

a vehicle of growth.

We treat the Logo of your company as your signature. A representative symbol that carries the essence of your vision, working style, interpersonal relationship, financial stability and  perceived image.


With every Logography® client we realised that changing logo has an impact on all these aspects. The most path breaking part of this idea is that a design can become a vehicle of growth.

Logography® began with a simple agenda to design logos that create:

  • Synergy between the organisation and the decision makers 

  • Do not have any destructive elements

  • Represents & communicate the mission of the organisation in the logo

Who do we work with?

  • Organisations with specific vision 


  • Organisations facing repetitive problems 


  • Small and medium enterprises


  • Venture funded companies after round 2

Who have we worked with?

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You need to send the handwriting sample of all key decision makers in the organisation. Here are the instructions on "How to create your Handwriting Sample"

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Logo Analysis 

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