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This Valentine's day, give a gift of genuine understanding & empathy to your partner.  ​

Special couple sessions for you and your partner, this Valentine month.

Ameer Khusaro said - 


खुसरो दरिया प्रेम का सो उल्टी वाकी धार!

जो उबरा सो डूब गया; जो डूबा वो पार!!

Oh Khusrau, the river of love, Runs in strange directions. 

One who jumps into it drowns, And one who drowns, gets across.”

If so then why don't we have the same experience in love? Why do we drown but never seem to get across?  Is our modern love truly insubstantial? And if it was actually that feeble & frail then why do we suffer a great deal after breaking away from it? 

I approach this puzzle through the lens of personality and willingness. Every time I meet a couple who is struggling in some parts of their marriage or relationship, I invariably hear some odd version of - I love him/ her but… Most people try to make sense of their partner’s personality through their own understanding of right and wrong, good or bad, correct and incorrect, moral and immoral. 


Most people I meet feel sound disheartened, let down or bored in their relationships. 

Graphologically speaking, people date or even fall in love with their partner’s signatures which is their public, social or even crafted formal image - we all have have at least one if not more, but they feel trapped as they have to live with their partner’s  handwriting which is the real, flawed and imperfect personality.  


The lockdown saga has been an eye opener for many couples. It firmly held the mirror in front of us, and forced us to look at some undesirable but essential nuggets of truth. If you are worked up, stressed or even bored in your intimate relationship, then you know we can’t simply ignore it. They are complex, unpredictable and anarchic nature can become a way to our self discovery and self growth.


1. Rediscover yourself in love -


Falling in love is mystical, magical and mesmerizing whereas being in love is tactical, turbulent and trying. Most couples like to empty cups next to one another, expecting to be filled by the other partner. When he or she fails to be the source of their happiness, they feel more empty & resentful. 

I have two questions for you - 

  1. Each personality is a complex code. Have you cracked that code of your partner’s & your own personality?

  2. Are you really, genuinely willing to try?  


I have designed a 3 hour long graphology based relationship workshop that explores - personality differences and rules of love. This valentine day, before going out on your romantic date and cooking that delicious meal with your spouse. Give a gift of understanding to your partner. 


Date - 14th February 2021 

Timing - 3pm to 6 pm  

Fees - Rs. 3000 plus GST per person  

Rs. 5000 plus GST per couple 

Register for 'Rediscover yourself in love'

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2. ‘You and I’  - the graphology based couple analysis session 

In these 16 years of working as a graphologist, I have never met a couple, where one partner was happy and another partner was unhappy in a relationship. Either both of them were happy or both of them are unhappy. ‘You and I’ is a graphology based couple analysis session where I bring some recurring patterns of misunderstanding to light. If you are willing to crack this unfathomable code of your marriage or relationship, then let me speed up that process by presenting some pragmatic and tried and tested ways to deal with those recurring challenges. 


Appointment slots - 12th Feb onwards 

Duration - 45-50 mins

Pre -requisite - Both partners must attend this session. 

Fees - 18,000 + GST.

Register for 'YOU AND I' - Couple analysis sessions

Thank you! You will receive an email with the payment links soon.

Listen to the relationship podcast episodes here - 

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