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Journal write now

 A 21 day free anti anxiety workshop.​

Journaling technique is like building a sounding board or even finding a best friend. 


Journal ‘write now’ is a way to employ graphology, graphotherapy and hand writing skill to fight the hidden, deep rooted and crippling fears. 


We will be following a three leg process

  • Watch the concept video 

  • One page of graphotherapy

  • Respond to the journaling question

Journal Write Now workshop

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Written gift

A free handwriting analysis session.

Many people suffer from anxiety and worry as they can’t put a finger on exactly what is bothering them. They struggle to identify the patterns that are paralysing them. 


Graphology i.e. the graph of your handwriting depicts who you are as a person. 


I will be gifting four short graphology sessions everyday till the lockdown continues in India for whoever wishes to connect, speak and resolve something. 

The Written Gift -
Free short session

To register for a free short graphology session, fill

out the information below.

Thank you for your information. You are now on our waiting list. We open 24 slots every week. 


The email for the appointment booking is sent every Saturday between 12pm - 1pm IST. 


If you have booked a session once, please do not book a session again. Share the information with someone in need.