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Let's talk about anxiety with experts from different fields.

Coming up this week:

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We are so glad that you are here. We're also so excited that you will be joining this new experience that can give you an opportunity to attend a FREE Anxiety Know More webinar on Zoom. The webinar would be a powerful conversation between Anxiety experts from different fields. They will together give you hacks, tools and learnings to help you deal with your anxiety & overcome your stress. 


Anxiety Know More will help you with:

  • Tools & hacks to fight anxiety

  • Expert opinions and insights

  • Graphotherapy

Why Anxiety Know More?
I have spoken endlessly about anxiety in the last 70 days! More I speak, read and research about this topic, the more facets I discover. Tools, methods, symptoms. It has become a movement to do whatever it takes to go beyond anxiety. However, this subject is so complex that before we say, ‘anxiety, No more’, we definitely need to know more.

Previous 'Anxiety Know More’ experts: 

How can you join the LIVE ZOOM webinar?

Just sign up below & we will send you your invite.


‘Anxiety know more’: A new series to speak with some fabulous experts to learn their hacks on anxiety. I believe in different strokes for different folks. In handwriting and in life. This is an attempt to create a bouquet of tools that you can use to calm your nerves.

Sign up for 'Anxiety Know More’ right now: 

Thank you for signing up. You will receive your invite to attend the Anxiety Know More Live webinar via email, shortly. You're one step closer to becoming a wellness warrior. Let's fight anxiety together!

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