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Graphology Masterclass

5 weekend classes of in-depth self discovery.
Next batch begins on 23rd April 2023.  ​

  • 5 Sundays

  • Learn more than 20 graphology factors & around 100 traits 

  • Online certificate on completion

  • Live case studies and group discussions 

  • You can analyse yourself and your family, friends or colleagues

  • Fees: Rs 15,000 + GST = 17,700

As the name suggests graphology is the study of graphs underneath your handwriting strokes that accurately decodes your personality. These graphs are found in your handwriting, signature, random scribbles or doodles and even your art. Your brain without your knowledge downloads enormous amounts of information. 

Nobody writes these days, how does Graphology still work?

You learnt writing with your hand in your primitive, formative age & used it as an essential skill to express yourself. Even after all these years, the deep connection between your brain and the skill of handwriting remains strong

Is Graphology really accurate?

Most graphological assessment leads to 90-95% accuracy. Check my podcast called 

Absolutely Writewhere I do some exciting live handwriting analysis sessions.

Why on earth should you learn it?

You already know how to analyse handwritings. Yes. I am serious. Without any training or masterclass, you already have it in you. We all do. Let me prove it! 

Let's test your skill - Look at these 2 questions and guess the answer.

Question 1:

Who is more aggressive?

Diana (1).jpg

Question 2:

Which writer is more patient?

MATH (1).jpg

If you instinctively said option B for both questions, then you know what I am talking about.  

How is it even possible?

Let’s accept. Human beings are complicated and we do not come with any manual. Here I am trying to create one with the help of handwriting analysis a.k.a Graphology. It decodes the graph of your personality based on more than 800 permutations and combinations. 

After 17 years of professional experience & after more than 10000 handwriting assessments, during this lock down I saw the dire need of teaching graphology for people to understand themselves.

In this masterclass you will learn 20 areas covering more than 120 such combinations. 

You can assess these things for you as well as the person you are analysing:

What will you learn? 


  • Signature analysis

  • Formation of personality - Carl Jung’s model

  • Slant - emotional responsiveness 

  • Pressure - emotional intensity 

  • Organisation skills & execution style  

  • Zone, Size, Connection & many more factors of graphology 

  • Listening skills. Giving & receiving feedback 

Who is it for?

Mothers -

Instead of getting irritated with your child who is unnaturally locked inside the house, look into his handwriting to understand his or her real needs.

Counsellors, therapists, doctors & wellness professionals - To guide someone it is crucial to get their perspectives. And we know that your client’s story is their version of the truth. Use graphology to unravel the truth. 

Entrepreneurs, HR professionals, CEOs & team leaders -

Do not hire and then regret. Check the handwriting sample & ask better questions.

 You - Stop putting your stress and anxieties on a back burner. In order to stop your reactions & sleepless nights, understand your triggers and personality. Tools can only help you, if you are willing to help yourself. 

"My son is 8 years old and his handwriting shows a temper trait. That explains why he is impatient & cranky. I only got upset in the past. Now I know where it comes from. "

- Vandana M

I am a paediatric homeopath and a mother. I know it is extremely tough to understand what’s going inside a child’s mind. I have added graphology as a mandatory step in my clinic.


- Dr. Ashwini Joshi 

My business partner and I were struggling for the last 7 months as we do not agree with each other’s approach in a specific part of the business. In this class I realised that I am risk averse and keep thinking about the negative implications.

- Yogesh L (Entrepreneur) 

My parents and a few other family members were tested positive during Diwali. Each session helped me be calmer. My husband insisted that I attend the class as I came out way more relaxed. I needed it during this tough phase.

- Preetika Mathur

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Fees: Rs 15,000 + GST = 17,700

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