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Change your Signature. Rewire your brain.

The study of handwriting – Graphology, talks about personality & your signature specifically talks about your public image. 


By looking at your signature, Aditi can assess your current status with your:

• Career • Relationships • Finances • Health

• And all the mind blocks that are holding you back in life.


Based on this information, Aditi then suggests Graphotherapy practise to deal with at least 2 major mind blocks and a new signature which may be tweaked from the current one or could be an entirely new one. 

Over the years, Aditi has been a part of many stories of success in more ways than we usually understand:


There was the young girl who complained that people around her weren’t being supportive, and sure enough her handwriting showed extreme independence & her signature had no space for family, so instead of feeling elated about being married she felt threatened and trapped. The resolution was found in a change in her signature & practising 3 GraphoTherapy strokes for 42 days.

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The next one is a senior executive who lost all motivation to work after a major promotion that perplexed him, as this is what he worked towards over a 30-year career. His handwriting revealed the mystery showing a distinct fear of success & his signature had a stroke that indicated being hidden. Therefore he was innately unwilling to be in the limelight and certainly not successful at it. Here just 42 days later, the man experienced a marked change in his level of engagement and was more willing to take on strategic responsibilities which were well out of his comfort zone & much needed to thrive in his new role.

In this 42 day program with a daily practise regimen, you slowly chip away at neural patterns that no longer suit you and imbibe patterns closer to what you can actually create in & as your life.


This program includes practise videos and begins & ends with a personal session with Aditi to gauge progress, cement the changes and enjoy a fresh perspective.

Duration of practise: 20 minutes in a day

Module duration: 42 days
Module fee: ₹25000

Stepping stone module sign up form

To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.

To join the module, pay 29500 (includes GST) using the payment options mentioned below:

Account Name: Aditi Surana

Account Number: 50100054078665

Account Type: Savings

IFSC (Branch) Code: HDFC0000060

Bank: HDFC Bank, Nanik Motwani Marg, Fort, Mumbai – 1





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