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Calmsutra in Lockdown with Aditi Surana 

Free anti-anxiety journaling workshop

Hi, I am Aditi! I am so glad that you are here. I am so excited that you will be joining this new experience that has helped more than 1000 people in the last few months. This experience was created as our response to the lockdown situation.


Journal write now is a combination of 3 powerful tools that I use as a high performance coach.

  • Asking intense & solution oriented questions,

  • Graphotherapy

  • Handwritten journaling.

Anxiety is a mental epidemic. Most people suffer alone and try to put up a brave face and remain functional. They believe that something will change and the problem will be taken away from them. The feeling of helplessness remains hidden expressing itself through panic attacks and paralysing fears.  

I want to do my bit. I want to help.

In my practice over the last 16 years, I saw how confronting and confessing their deepest emotions is the biggest struggle for most people. Some can’t afford therapy and others can’t express their emotions to the therapists feeling even more helpless at the end of the day.  


My team and I created this free journaling workshop as we realised that the first step is the hardest. It is easier to look at your own troubles and bring a bit more clarity before you become vulnerable and share it with someone else.


Graphotherapy - A handwriting therapy  practice that can create wonders by inducing calmness in your mind and body. I have been fascinated by this handwriting yoga technique for more than a decade now. 10 mins of this practice works like a washing machine. It throws out all unnecessary thoughts, bringing more and more clarity for you to look at your uncontrollable reactions.


It’s simple. It’s effective. It’s a great skill to learn for life. 


Journal write now includes:

  • Free download of the journal PDF

  • 21 day of video access with a question that you can journal about.

  • Explanation video for the effective ‘flow of thoughts’ graphotherapy practice.

  • Feedback support to get your graphotherapy corrected.

  • Live Q&A support through weekly Instagram live 

  • Monthly newsletter to continue this habit 

How can you participate? Just sign up below.


No matter how severe your anxiety is, or what all you have tried in the past. Whether its insomnia or palpitations. This experience of ‘Journal write now’ is focused on grounding you in calmness and inviting you to take small actions. 


All I am asking for is your willingness to go through this process over the next 21 days. That will take some commitment. You will be surprised, if not mesmerised to experience how effective these simple tools are. 


Lastly, thank you for your trust, love and overwhelming response to this movement against anxiety. I am grateful that you are giving it a try.

Journal Write Now sign up

Thank you for signing up. You will receive your 21 days of journaling emails starting today. Please make sure to check your spam / promotions folder incase you can't find our email. Happy Writing!

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