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  • Aditi Surana

How to break the spell of ‘perfectionism’?

Updated: May 25, 2020

Here are four spell breakers that will help you get rid of your affection to perfection:

Spell breaker 1: Become aware of your perfectionist tendencies. Where and how are you trying to be controlling? Do you keep judging yourself or others for making mistakes? Does the fear of getting things wrong make you play too safe?

Spell breaker 2: Take Baby Steps. Set experiments to observe how you feel when you step out of your perfect comfort zone.

Spell breaker 3: Question the mean, abusive self critical voice in your head. Look for evidence before you start beating yourself up.

Spell breaker 4: Embrace yourself for being ‘perfectly imperfect’. Your imperfections make you who are.

Are you trying to be perfect? Do you know that what may look like perfectionism, is actually the fear of making mistakes, being rejected and even being humiliated? If you worry whether people will like your work or not? Or what if you get it wrong? Isn't it better to play safe? then you must tune into this week’s episode of Absolutely write.

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