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The Discovery session is an

in-depth, adventurous and insightful one on one session with Aditi.

In this 30 mins session, Aditi chalks out your most challenging mind blocks & gets you to reflect on some crucial aspects.

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Stepping Stone Module

This is our most popular program. It is a stepping stone into the world of customised Graphotherapy.


In this 42 day program with a daily practise regimen, you start imbibing patterns closer to what you can actually create in & as your life.



This module is a combination of coaching & graphotherapy, created by Aditi over her16 years of research. 

The graphotherapy designed here changes monthly, as per the areas of concern that Aditi and you will be addressing in that month. 

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High Performance


High Performance Coaching is a high intensity, high impact process designed for individuals who would like to enhance their leadership impact, make the most of the challenging transitions in personal as well as professional realm and/or create a growth oriented process for continuous improvement.

These modules are offered to a few selected participants every month.

Apply to know if you're eligible. 

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Logography®, a term coined by Aditi Surana implies the study & design of the growth ‘graph’ created in the logo.


This is a unique application of research in  Graphology that studies factors like fonts, colours, symbols, and the space between all the elements.


It allows an expert eye to decipher the hidden meaning, to understand the ‘persona’ of the organisation and then realign these elements to design an apt solution that can work as a vehicle of growth for your organisation.

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