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  • Aditi Surana


We are driven by a thought process of getting somewhere, getting something, getting someone or even ‘getting it’ conceptually or cognitively. How about the joy of doing? Or the joy of the process? Joy of merely walking down the same lane, not because you are getting somewhere but rather, to just be in the process of walking down that lane.

‘Stillness is a form of action and an element in advancement, in evolution, in all forward motion.’ Maria Popova wrote in her poetic newsletter Brain pickings.

If you recall your fond memories, they are filled with moments where you could just be. It was a gift to just be with your grandmother when she served you a meal, just be with that ordinary flower soaking in all the colours & the light it reflected, just be with yourself when you stood by the window observing your breath.

Just being is taking a dip in poise or ‘theheraav’ as they call it in hindi. Everything you do, speak, write, cook, design & express from the space of poise has the quality of poise. Going about the day, doing the chores, taking care of your responsibilities is mandatory for all of us. We can’t shrug off most of these things. However, we have a choice. We can choose to do things with haste and irritation or with poise and intensity. It takes the same amount of time. The only difference is that your body and mind can experience different sets of chemicals and emotions when you are absorbed in the state of calmness.

‘Flow of thoughts’ practice is your rehearsal platform. It is an invitation for you to step into a few moments of poise. Without your conscious efforts, you will notice a ceaseless sense of calmness percolating through your mundane activities.

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